Turtles have existed on earth for over 220 million years, yet today the very existence of many turtle species is threatened! Over half of all turtle species are at risk of extinction! Therefore, legions of turtle species are in desperate need of conservation if they are to continue to survive. Other species are subjected to many forms of human induced cruelty.

Matthew E is a Turtle Advocate & Conservationist, who runs the project Protect All Turtles. Matthew's mission is to help contribute to the conservation of turtles (i.e the recovery of threatened and endangered turtle species, their critical habitats, and declining populations), via outreach education.

He aims to educate the lay community about the many threats that turtles face, and more importantly what they can do as individuals to help alleviate such threats. He also promotes habitat stewardship practices as a way to protect, enhance, and create turtle habitats.

To bring his messages to the public Matt utilizes several platforms. These include media appearances, awareness campaigns, social networking, and educational presentations/lectures.

This website is intended to be a hub of information for individuals to use as a resource, to help contribute to the conservation and protection of turtles.


Matthew E (founder of Protect All Turtles) is a proud member of the Turtle Survival Alliance (TSA).